About the Island

Maldives – a dream or reality?
Feel the local lifestyle and traditions by visiting the magical island of Maafushi.

This is the first local island of the Maldives which tourists have enjoyed since 2010. A colourful and unforgettable experience featuring many emotions and relaxation! Maafushi is located 26 km. away from the capital Male in Kaafu Atoll . The island is 1275 meter long and 260 meter wide. You can visit it by boat or ferry. At the last count, the population of the island is 2692 people. Maafushi is one of the islands with fast growing economy. There is always something to do there! You can take a pleasant walk along the small streets and visit the local shops and restaurants which offer exotic Maldivian cuisine. Alcohol is forbidden on the island but there is a floating bar nearby which offers alcoholic beverages. The hotels organize trips which include diving, fishing , water sports, dolphin watching and a visit to a picnic site or a luxurious resort. The island also has three diving centers. There is definitely something to occupy your time with! The relaxation on the bikini beach is also something incredible. You can watch the glorious sunset while swimming or just casually lying and relaxing on the white sand.

Just visit this island and you will be left speechless!

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