Kaani hotels and tours provide not only excellent service and accommodation but also a wide variety of activities such as – fishing trips, water sports , diving , trips to a picnic – site island or a luxurious resort. You can spend every day of your vacation doing something different and exciting. A team of young professionals will take care of everything and will make sure you have a great experience

You can choose from the following activities:

a day trip featuring diving on two reefs , dolphin watching and lunch on the famous Sand bank . What is the Maldives if you don’t dive into the depths of the Indian ocean? Dive in and please the eye with the beauty of the colorful fishes, corals and sea creatures or witness the grace of the swimming dolphins which are playing around the boat. And after all the beauty you have witnessed have a delicious meal on the Sand bank.

An unimaginable experience!

If this does not satisfy you, you could take an adventurous safari with many fishes and even sharks !Have you ever dreamed of swimming with real-life sharks?

This is now possible with the new trip which we offer.

If you are a more relaxed type of a person we offer the right activity for you- Night’s fishing! At sunset get on the boat and enjoy the relaxing fishing. You will learn special Maldivian fishing techniques and after that enjoy your fish catch prepared perfectly by a Maldivian master chef in a perfect setting!

Candle light dinner

Day trip to resort

Bird Paradise

And many more wonderful offers