Term of Use

1.1. The registration is possible by telephone, fax or internet, via tour agents in the country or directly in the tour operator’s office. The reservation is considered valid after the conclusion of a contract for an organized tourist trip and a deposit.
1.2. The contract shall be valid only in respect of the services expressly described therein. The provision of additional services is carried out and is expressly indicated in the contract, for which the consumer owes a separate payment at the moment of signing. In event the additional tourist service cannot be performed due to objective circumstances, the tour operator refunds the tourist the full amount of the price paid for it and does not owe any other indemnities or penalties. Failure to provide an additional service cannot result in a tourist’s refusal to travel.
1.3. The tour operator shall comply its activity with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1107/2006 on the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when traveling by air. The user is obliged to notify the tour operator when signing the contract in writing for tourists with disabilities or with limited mobility by entering the relevant circumstances in the contract.
2.1. The payment shall be made in BGN in cash or by bank transfer to the tour operator to the following bank account:
Bank: Eurobank EFG Bulgaria AD
Branch: Pleven BIC: BPBIBGSF
Account: BG 73 BPBI 7923 10 74733901

Bank: Unicredit Bulbank
Branch: Pleven BIC: UNCRBGSF
Account: BG12UNCR70001523068246
According to the agreed in the contract.
2.2. Deposit. Unless otherwise stated, the amount of the deposit is 30% or 50% of the total price. The user pays the deposit at the time of signing this contract, unless otherwise specified.
2.3 Final payment on the base package: ……………. days before the date of travel, unless otherwise specified, but no later than 30 working days before the date of travel.
2.4 Other payments for additional tours or activities wished by the USER and indicated in the contract and not included in the price of the excursion program, shall be paid in BGN in cash or by bank transfer to the account of the Tour Operator at the rate of National Bank on the day of signing the contract, this being indicated in the payment order as an additional service.
2.5 Possibility to change the price
– The increase in price is possible, but not later than 20 days before the travel in the presence of one of the following reasons: at increase of the fuel prices, in case of change of transport costs, in changes in the amount of fees associated with the travel, exchange rate fluctuations that occurred after signing the contract.
– The Tour Operator undertakes to inform the User in writing via the Travel Agency about the change in the total price within 3 days from the occurrence of the circumstances.
2.6. The USER pays the due and payable price for the service he uses in Bulgarian levs. If there are prices announced by the TOUR OPERATOR in a currency other than the Bulgarian lev, the payment of the service by the USER shall be made in Bulgarian levs at the BNB base rate on the day of the payment.
2.7. In case the price is not paid within the terms specified in the contract, the reservation is canceled and the deposit remains in favor of the TOUR OPERATOR.
3.1. The Tour Operator is obliged to acquaint the User thoroughly with the program and conditions for the excursion and, if he wishes so, to register him/her for the excursion.
3.2. The tour operator is obliged to provide the user with detailed information on the organized travel as well as for all excursions and additional services included in the respective program.
3.3. After full payment of the program price, the TOUR OPERATOR shall provide the USER with all necessary documents for the travel within 5 days before the announced travel date – vouchers, insurance and air tickets.
3.4. The TOUR OPERATOR has provided insurance “Medical expenses for sickness and accident of a tourist” for travel outside the country with a limit of €10,000 BUL INS National telephone number: 0700 166 33
3.5 When a major change is made to any of the main clauses of the Contract, the TOUR OPERATOR undertakes directly or through the travel agent to notify the USER of the change within two days of its occurrence, but not later than 10 days prior to the commencement date of the trip. The USER can:
– Adopt the changes, which shall be evidenced by an additional written agreement to the contract, which specifies their impact on the price, or
– Cancel the Contract without any penalty or indemnity.
3.6. The TOUR OPERATOR reserves the right to replace the hotels with others of the same category under extraordinary circumstances (congresses, symposiums, sports competitions, etc.), informing the USER in good time about this.
3.7. The TOUR OPERATOR reserves the right to change the airport charges and accordingly the cost of the travel in case of change in the airport charges by the Airline. In this case, the difference in airport charges must be paid by the USER.
3.8 The Tour Operator may, at any time, unilaterally refuse to provide part of the services included in the package or terminate unilaterally and with immediate effect this Contract without due damages or damages in case the tourist behaves with a serious security risk or the convenience of other tourists, employees or co-contractors of the tour operator or government or municipal employees in the host country or the successful continuation of the journey. In such case, the Tour Operator shall not owe refund of any sums paid by the User under the Contract and shall be entitled to compensation for all caused to him by the unlawful conduct of the Client/ tourist in the event that they exceed the cost of the package.
3.9 The USER is obliged, after accepting the travel program offered by the TOUR OPERATOR, to pay the TOUR OPERATOR the agreed deposit under terms and conditions in accordance with the terms of this contract. The USER is obliged to pay the rest of the price under terms and conditions specified in the contract.
3.10. The quoted prices on PROMOTIONAL AND LAST MINUTE OFFERS shall be paid with their full value if there is no other information/ conditions or applicable requirements.
3.11. The USER agrees that his/her personal data will be processed and used by the TOUR OPERATOR in connection with the execution of the concluded contract for organized travel in accordance with the provisions of Art. 4 para 2 items 2, 3 and 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
3.12. In the case that minors and/or under aged tourists travel without and/or only one parent, respectively a legal representative or an authorized representative, the parents/representatives who do not travel must sign a declaration that is notarized and certifies the declarer’s consent the underage person to travel ……………………… for the period from ……………….. to …….. ……….. . For minor/under aged person responsible will be ………………………….. ……………………. …………………………………………..
3.13 If the trip does not take place, the USER shall be refunded the paid deposit, deducting the costs incurred for the visa fee and the handling and filing fee.
3.14 When purchasing an airplane ticket, the TOUR OPERATOR offers the USER the flight, after which they confirm the flight and its purchase. In the event that additional visas have not been issued in advance, the same ones shall be paid by the USER.
3.15 In case of a refusal to issue a visa, the USER shall be entitled to reimbursement of the deposit paid by deducting the amount paid by them for a visa fee and a fee for processing and submitting the visa documents.
3.16 The USER is obliged to fully assist the TOUR OPERATOR and in due time must present all the necessary documents for issuing a visa for the desired travel.
3.17 The USER is required to comply with the exact departure times specified.
3.18. The USER has the right to make special requirements before the conclusion of the Contract, for which the parties have agreed.
3.19. The USER is entitled to transfer his travel to another person, in one month period prior to the start of the tourist travel, upon explicit notification to the TOUR OPERATOR under the following conditions:
– For visa-excursion travels – before applying for a visa and before making an advance payment for an airline ticket.
– For visa-free travels – before an advance payment for airline ticket.
When transferring their rights and obligations under the contract to a third party, the USER shall remain jointly and severally liable for all the resulting obligations. In case of transfer, among other possible costs, the Tour Operator is entitled to an administrative transfer fee, amounting to the actual costs but not less than BGN 30.
3.20. The USER has the right to make written or oral complaints within 14 working days of the end of the travel and present them to the Agency’s office as well as to provide the necessary proof of non-performance or poor performance of the service.
3.21 The USER has the right to accept the change in the total price within 3 days after being informed about it by paying the due amount.
3.22. In the event of cancelling a travel, the Tourist is entitled to: accept another travel of the same quality being offered by the Tour Operator, if such offer is made by the Tour Operator; to accept another tourist trip with a lower total cost of travel as the difference shall be reimbursed by the Tour Operator; to receive within 7 days after the written cancellation the full amount paid to the Tour Operator, except for the price of airline tickets.
4.1. The TOUR OPERATOR reserves the right to change the announced hours of travel due to changes imposed by the airline or other objective reasons beyond the TOUR OPERATOR, promptly informing the USER of the changes.
4.2. The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible in the event of difficulties, delays and problems related to the following factors considered as force majeure and irresistible circumstances: bad weather, complicated traffic conditions, natural disasters, difficulties caused by mass events (strikes, riots, national celebrations or religious holidays) as well as phenomena or events that cannot be predicted and prevented by the TOUR OPERATOR.
4.3. In case of force majeure, the TOUR OPERATOR refunds amounts if the event is accepted as such by the receiving Party and the airline and refunds the actual sums returned by the counterparties.
4.4 THE TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible for incorrect filling in of the reservation form by the USER. Failure to fill in the name of the USER may result in a refusal of the Border Authority to admit the USER to the country concerned and to refuse accommodation.
4.5. If the border authorities refuse to allow the USER to enter the territory of the respective country, the TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible and does not owe refund of the paid amount for a tourist service.
4.6. The USER may transfer his/her rights and obligations under the contract to a third party who satisfies all the requirements for the travel by prior notification to the tour operator or travel agent within a period specified in the contract.
4.7. The USER transferring his/her rights and obligations and the person to whom the trip is transferred are jointly and severally liable to the tour operator for paying the total contract price and the costs associated with the transfer.
4.8. The TOUR OPERATOR has “Tour Operator’s Responsibility” insurance – Policy No. 1329170450000032 –DJENERALY INSURANCE
4.9 In case of non-fulfillment of the program for reasons beyond the TOUR OPERATOR, the latter is not responsible.
4.10 The TOUR OPERATOR shall not be liable for lost or stolen documents, money and property of the USER during the excursion. In the case of a stolen passport or ID card, the USER undertakes to personally arrange PASSAVAN at the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in the respective country and organize his/her return to Bulgaria at his/her own expense.
4.11. The TOUR OPERATOR does not refund the excursion sum if at the border the CLIENT is not allowed by the Border Authorities to enter the country concerned.
4.12. The tour operator is not liable for any damages caused by the tourist’s and/or the consumer’s failure to perform or inadequate performance of the contract.
5.1. The USER has the right to cancel the organized trip at any time as the refusal has the following consequences:
5.1.1. Cancellation up to 49 days before the departure date – The USER shall not owe a penalty to the TOUR OPERATOR. The TOUR OPERATOR is obliged to return the accepted deposit to the USER.
5.1.2. Cancellation 48-36 days before the date of departure – the USER pays the TOUR OPERATOR 50% penalty of the total price of the service (under this contract).
5.1.3 Cancellation 35-22 days prior to the date of departure – the USER pays 75% penalty to the TOUR OPERATOR from the total price of the service under this contract.
5.1.4 Cancellation 21-0 days prior to the date of departure (No show) – the USER pays 100% penalty to the TOUR OPERATOR of the total price of the service under this contract.
5.2 In case of cancelling the trip due to sickness or other personal reasons related to the USER, he/she loses the sums paid to the TOUR OPERATOR in accordance with the cancellation terms and in the amounts under item 6.1 of the signed contract.
5.3 Claims related to the contract’s performance shall be made in writing and accepted by the travel agent who recorded the customer within 7 days of the end of the travel. The claim is valid only in the presence of a tripartite protocol drawn up and signed by the USER, THE HOTEL and the REPRESENTATIVE OF THE TOUR OPERATOR serving the USER.
6. 1. For traveling in countries for which visas are required for Bulgarian citizens, the Tour Operator shall provide information in writing or in any other appropriate manner, and upon request by the User expressed in writing shall assist the User by providing him with the necessary documents (bookings, voucher, tickets, etc.). The tour operator is not responsible for visa refusal. Not presenting documents and non-payment of fees or failure to appear in the embassy of a personal interview, if necessary, shall be considered a waiver of the trip by fault of the User.
6.2. The issuing of a visa for the respective country is the sole responsibility of the embassy and is not guaranteed by the Tour Operator. In case of a refusal by the Embassy, the contributions paid by the User will not be refunded.
6.3. Details of other required from the User documents necessary for the trip are contained in the additional information provided by the tour operator.
The Parties shall resolve disputes with each other by bilateral agreements, mutual retreats and compromises. If they are not settled in such way, the dispute shall be referred to a competent Bulgarian court for settlement.
For all matters not covered by this contract as well as regarding the interpretation and application of the provisions of the contract, all applicable Bulgarian legislation shall apply.
8.1 Each party has the right to demand change or terminate the contract due to significant changes of circumstances in which the contract was signed, and for all outstanding issues the Tourism Act and the Bulgarian legislation shall be applied.
8.2. An agreement to amend or notify termination of the Contract is made in writing.
8.3 Upon amendment of the Contract, the parties’ obligations are maintained in an amended form. Upon termination of the Contract, the parties’ obligations shall be terminated after settlement of the financial matters.