What you need to know about the Maldives

All the pictures from the Maldives are beautiful and impressive – the color of the ocean is turquois blue, the sand is white and the undersea world is unbelievably beautiful. A person thinks that cannot be true, but when there they are speechless.

The Maldives are a destination for relaxing body and mind.

You do not need a visa to enter the Maldives. Upon arrival they will issue a 30 day free of charge visa, but all visitors must show a valid travelling document. Like every other destination outside of Europe, the phone calls to Your country are expensive. The best possible way is to buy a local SIM card with included mobile network. You can do this at the airport when you arrive.
Here the day is short – the sun rises around 5-6 am and sets around 6pm. Take into consideration that on the Maldives the sun is very intense. So do not underestimate this and take appropriate sun protection and use every 2 hours. The temperatures are around 24 and 33 degrees Celsius all year round. The humidity of the air is high, but it is hard to feel due to the constant breeze. There are two main seasons – dry between December and April and rainy from May till October as the weather is still warm, but a little cloudy and rainy and the humidity higher. November and April are preferable for divers, since the water is clear and the visibility is better. The temperature of the water is around 28 degrees all year round.

The local currency is called Rufiyaa (MVR), but you can pay in US dollars almost everywhere. The tourist places take only USD (US dollars).

The local language is called Dhivehi, but the English is widely used.
It is forbidden to import spirit alcoholic drinks in the Maldives, unless the importer has a special license for importing spirit drinks, beer or similar. If you buy spirit drinks, beer or similar from the duty-free shops on your way to the Maldives, you must leave them at the border and then take them back when you leave.

The Maldives have two different faces – the so called tourist places with beach lines and houses above the water and islands with local people. There it is possible to see how the local people are living. The religion is Islam and the tourists must follow the rules. Most of the beaches are not for tourists with beach suits. An exceptions is the island of Maafushi, where the local population are more tolerant towards the clothes, but in normal limits. There are few mosques on island Maafushi and you will be hearing them the entire day.

Island Maafushi is not big – here there are nice hotels and amazing beach. Differentiating from the other islands with local population, Maafushi has a bikini beach where the tourists can where bikini. The water of the Indian Ocean here is hot, crystal clear and transparent.

The cuisine of the Maldives mixes culinary traditions from India and the Arabian countries.

Fishing is widely common among the natives. If you want to eat fish this is the place.

On Maafushi and the rest of the Maldives with native population the drinking of alcohol is forbidden.
The Maldives are not only beach destination – their beauty is the undersea world. Make a dive and you will see incredible colorful fish, corals, animals like sea cucumbers, sea turtles, riff sharks … Do you remember the movie for Nemo? Here you can find thousands of fishes like Nemo.
Visit Sandbanks beachline above the sea level, a small island where there is nothing else, but sand. There are a lot of beach lines on the Maldives and they have the most incredible white sand, which you have ever seen. Most of the offered guided tours of the Maafushi Island include a visit to the beach line, so perhaps you will have the chance to go there.

The Maldives are not only a place for couples and families, but also for people who love beauty and following their dreams.